Debt collection is not the key discipline in finance, but professional debt collection reduces your losses and optimizes your success. The basis is trust. We earn this trust by offering our customers an above-average debt collection service.

Our debt collection specialists offer a debt collection service with case processing from A to Z. We work on a debtor basis. This has the advantage for our customers that they benefit from the findings from parallel cases within the debt collection service. All mandates are processed in all national languages. In this way, the debt collection service guarantees constant competence and continuity in case processing.


Use our experience to your advantage:

  • Test our debt collection service
  • Save time and money and concentrate on your core competencies
  • Save human resources by relieving your internal specialists in favor of other tasks
  • Save yourself the investment in technical infrastructure
  • Minimize your costs by benefiting from the fact that we charge the major part of the costs incurred for the collection to the debtors - according to the polluter pays principle
  • Trust in our specialists: They work seriously, precisely, fairly, competently and with a reliable process

Thanks to a proven partner network, theInkasso AG is able to call on renowned legal representatives at home and abroad to support customers.

Our hotline helps with all legal questions relating to the debt collection service. The online customer portal gives our customers unique transparency. You are informed in detail around the clock about the status of your collection orders.

Inkasso AG is the best partner for debt collection.

You can find the most important ones here Debt collection terms in our glossary.

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Collection from professionals.

dieInkasso AG is one of the leading and most renowned debt collection companies in Switzerland. Every year 40 qualified specialists process over 60 debt collection cases at home and abroad with above-average success.