Debt collection tasks

Check creditworthiness

Before delivery is made on account, the creditworthiness of the contractual partner should be checked. With the credit check, you ensure that you grant the (supplier) credit on an informed basis. In this way, you already know the payment behavior of the contractual partner when concluding the contract and protect yourself from non-payers and fraudsters.

The credit rating makes a statement about how likely it is that the contractual partner will meet its obligations. In addition to the current economic situation, willingness to pay is also assessed based on the past.

Our business partner (CRIF AG) discovers relationships, networks as well as economic and political mandates. Intelligently linked data on companies and people, both nationally and internationally, create transparency about creditworthiness-related backgrounds and thus ensure more security and long-term customer relationships. CRIF AG impresses with its variable query options and customer-specific solutions and is therefore particularly suitable for large customers, medium-sized companies and the public sector.

  • Comprehensive knowledge about your customer and his environment
  • Security in your business decisions
  • Minimization of bad debt losses
  • Efficient handling of your business processes
  • Consistent processes through integration into your existing systems
  • Competent, industry-specific advice and user training

Handle objections

We accept the objections for you and verify them together with you. If objections are rightly raised, we will stop the collection process immediately. If, in your opinion, objections have been raised unjustly, our lawyers will examine the claim documents and make you a proposal for a course of action including a cost estimate.

Claim credit

If the invoice is not paid on time, the credit must be claimed in an amicable, official and / or judicial way. For amicable debt collection, we have developed a highly automated dunning service with finely coordinated escalation levels.

If the debtor does not pay after amicable intervention, we will initiate the official collection.

Send invoice

We take over the entire accounts receivable management (business process outsourcing). You create the invoice - we take care of the rest. We have an efficient printing center. We send your invoice and monitor the payment flows. This also includes an efficient dunning system with finely coordinated escalation levels.

Integrate software

We process large amounts of information every day. So that you always have an overview, you can always get an overview of your cases in the customer portal.

Debt collection becomes efficient when the data can be read in, read out and transmitted electronically. We can read in and read out all common formats. We also have our own software department that ensures the integrated and networked collection process. This allows you to design the credit-to-cash process in real time.

Monitor cash flows

We monitor the payment flows with a high degree of automation. In this way, we automatically allocate the payment flows to the respective cases and in this we offset the payments according to the statutory offsetting mechanism against interest, costs and the basic claim. In this way, we can determine at any time whether payment agreements are being complied with and react immediately if they are not complied with. We can transmit all of this data to you directly via the customer portal or software connection.

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