Legal debt collection

From the debt enforcement request to the payment

If a debtor does not make the payment owed, the claim must be asserted through legal channels. Our success rate is above average because we carefully select, train and develop our employees.

Should that Collection request be asked? Is it worth taking action against the debtor? dieInkasso AG offers a continuous case analysis. If the demands cannot be met, we will inform our customers and provide them with a basis for making decisions about how to proceed.
If the legal collection is worthwhile, theInkasso AG exhausts all means within the legal possibilities to realize the claims. The spectrum ranges from simple debt enforcement requests to complex legal cases.
It is critical to dated the debt collection process Collection request to plan carefully up to the conclusion of the debt collection procedure. Legal debt collection requires specialized know-how and precise time management, because the procedures are often lengthy. DieInkasso AG's strength lies in competent advice at the right time. In this way, theInkasso AG offers procedural security while taking into account an optimal cost / benefit ratio.

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Collection from professionals.

dieInkasso AG is one of the leading and most renowned debt collection companies in Switzerland. Every year 40 qualified specialists process over 60 debt collection cases at home and abroad with above-average success.