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Our global contacts are leading local specialists in debt collection and credit risk management and know how to most effectively enforce and collect your claims under local law. We speak the same language as your debtors, we operate in the same currency and we know the habits of the debtors. Cash flows know no borders, thanks to our network we don't know any.

TCM Group International is a leader in debt enforcement because the local contacts are carefully selected and checked.
With contacts in 174 countries, we have the opportunity to enforce your claims worldwide at the debtor's place of residence. Even if we collect your claims globally, we always remain your regional contact as a single point of contact.

TCM Group International

TCM Group International is an exclusive alliance of leading local debt collection companies and correspondingly specialized law firms. With 168 contacts in 174 countries, Allianz is represented in all major economic regions.

We are a member of the TCM Group and benefit from this worldwide network. This association of independent debt collection companies was founded with the aim of building a global debt collection network with one partner per country. Thus the TCM Group has the largest network of independent debt collection companies.

High demands are placed on the members of the group in order to guarantee the seriousness and efficiency of the partner. Working on the national markets remains the responsibility of those who have the greatest experience and competence.

Our cooperation has developed successfully across all the different cultures and legal systems of the individual countries, so that we can look back on a constantly growing international customer base.


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dieInkasso AG is one of the leading and most renowned debt collection companies in Switzerland. Every year 40 qualified specialists process over 60 debt collection cases at home and abroad with above-average success.