receivables management

In which direction is receivables management developing?

Receivables management is not just a synonym for debt collection. Modern receivables management today is a mixture of legal, technical and social competence.

"Buy today, pay tomorrow or not at all". Unfortunately, this mentality is becoming more and more common these days. Collection is therefore now much more than just initiating debt enforcement. It's about receivables management.

Receivables management includes studying the files, clarifying legal relationships, checking creditworthiness, and finding amicable solutions with the debtor. Legal steps are only initiated when all pre-legal measures have been exhausted.

As the term suggests, it's about managing claims. Ultimately, this means managing the debtor and working with him to find a solution.

Modern receivables management lives from the competent handling of the debtor. Anyone who practices receivables management must therefore be able to do more than just collect money, because it is about creating an optimal cost / benefit ratio. In this respect, receivables management is an important future perspective.

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