Processing of loss certificates

Processing of loss certificates: Processing loss certificates is worthwhile

Certificates of loss are often worth real money - provided you demand the money with the necessary consistency and professionalism. dieInkasso AG monitors and realizes thousands of loss certificates every year - without any cost consequences for the customer in the event of failure.

Certificates of loss are booked out and archived by companies. Often this means: out of sight, out of mind. Certificates of loss are regarded as "nonvaleurs" because they could not be brought in at short notice.

The fact is: Although certificates of loss require a longer processing horizon, the effort is worth it, because certificates of loss are not a priori worthless. Our customers benefit from the fact thatInkasso AG processes an above-average number of certificates of loss. Because debtors are often indebted to several clients of dieInkasso AG, synergies result. This enables us to process certificates of loss very efficiently and successfully.
DieInkasso AG's customers do not take any risk, as we process their certificates of loss on a purely success basis. That means: You will not receive any invoices from us, only payments if theInkasso AG was successful.
Give us your certificates of loss. You benefit from our experience, synergies and customer-friendly conditions - without any cost risk.

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