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Code of Conduct

dieInkasso AG is a member of Inkasso Suisse. We are subject to the Association's Code of Conduct (CoC).

Code of Conduct

Aim and purpose

Binding code of conduct for all members of the debt collection association "Inkasso Suisse".

The debt collection association "Inkasso Suisse" has agreed on a binding code of conduct, which came into effect for all members on December 01.12.2020st, XNUMX. The Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that all members comply with binding collection rules and that an ethically correct, transparent and fair collection practice is carried out. This concerns, for example, the setting of the times at which the debtor can be called, the prohibition of threats and the possibility of closing a case in the event of credibly disputed claims. As a member of the Inkassoverband, theInkasso AG is also subject to these guidelines.

It is very important to us to practice fair and ethical debt collection practices while protecting the interests of both creditors and debtors.

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dieInkasso AG is one of the leading and most renowned debt collection companies in Switzerland. Every year 40 qualified specialists process over 60 debt collection cases at home and abroad with above-average success.