Strategic alliance – Participation as shareholder in TCM Group, Reykjavik (Iceland)

TCM Group International is a unique global alliance of local debt collection agencies and specialized law firms with 168 offices in 145 countries. We are your one-stop global shop for prompt, professional and ethical international debt collection and recovery services.

Because our debt collection agents are leading local and global debt recovery and credit information providers in their own right, they know just what it takes to get your money moving again. We speak the debtor’s language; know your debtor’s customs and the local laws; we are in sync with the debtor’s time zone and currency. Money knows no borders — neither do we.

TCM Group delivers superior collection services because it maintains and develops a care-fully selected and proven network of quality credit management specialists and debt re-covery agents. Our success is the result of solid relationships between individual Group members, leading collection companies and specialized law firms in their own right. TCM Group ensures network cohesion by requiring Group members to participate in annual meetings as a condition for retaining their membership status. This means that all refer-rals are backed up by a chain of well-established personal relationships.

With offices in 145 countries, TCM Group has the international reach to facilitate the re-covery of your money — wherever your debtor may be located. But while our capacity for recovery is global, your personal point of contact will always be a friendly and accessi-ble professional account manager in your locality.

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